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The group today called SWIM was originally formed in 2010 under the name Apollo by current lead singer Daniel McCaffrey, who was the group’s drummer, along with four other original members. The band retained its original name throughout the coming years, even after lead guitarist Nicholas Riviezzo joined its ranks in mid-2012, following the departure of the groups original singer and McCaffrey’s assumption of the vacancy. Performing locally at their high school and in local showcases and venues, McCaffrey and Riviezzo recorded an EP with the remaining two original members of Apollo in the Spring of 2013. Later, despite labeling this early collection of songs childish and underdeveloped, among other things, both McCaffrey and Riviezzo would recognize these early days as an important stepping stone on the way to developing the band’s since evolved, more indie rock, signature sound.

In the summer of 2013, upon their graduation from Ward Melville High School in Setauket, New York, the group’s original bassist, John Fiore, left the group as a full-time member. He would only play several more shows with group during the early months of 2014 before making his permanent exit in March. In the following months, the group underwent some serious changes: the remaining three members, McCaffrey, Riviezzo, and former pianist Justin Iaquinta, would spend most of the four months following Fiore’s departure reinventing. Late spring saw the official change of the group’s name to SWIM, along with the composition of many of SWIM’s earliest original songs, including “Natural Feeling,” “You Don’t Have to Be There,” and “Stay Up for the Moon.” Focused on creating a sound to draw more upon a classic pop sound with an evident foundation in an alternative rock influence, the three went to work, actively looking for a bassist and drummer willing to provide the savvy rhythm section the group then so desperately desired.

In the summer of 2014, SWIM found what it was missing in bassist Tyler Aigotti and drummer Brian D’Angio. Aigotti joined the group in June after a chance encounter with McCaffrey, and D’Angio a month later. Both brought to the table an extensive, exceptional jazz influence that energized the songs and the sound established by McCaffrey and Riviezzo: Aigotti’s bass playing was melodic and relentless, and D’Angio’s drumming exciting and advanced. Both McCaffrey and Riviezzo have cited Aigotti and D’Angio cumulatively to have been the “missing link;” with the absorption of these two new members, SWIM’s productivity and activity accelerated exponentially. The group began gigging actively following its debut in the late summer of 2014 at an open mic in Port Jefferson, recording a three song demo and playing all over Long Island throughout later 2014 and 2015, from Patchogue to Lindenhurst; Huntington to local gigs in Stony Brook and anywhere in between, at notable events such as the Mineola Street Fair and the Huntington Fall Festival. Looking to increase exposure in anticipation of recording a debut EP in the summer of 2015, McCaffrey and Riviezzo tried to increase notoriety, lending themselves and SWIM to as many open mics, interviews and spotlight segments in on-campus magazines and media sources on campus at Stony Brook University, where both took classes.

The fall of 2015 saw the release of SWIM’s debut, self-titled EP. Acclaimed by fans and received well by all, the record featured five of the group’s earliest songs. Following Iaquinta’s departure from the group in his pursuit of other interests, multi-talented Patrick Morelli, pianist and guitarist, joined the group in late 2015, solidifying the band’s transformation into an alternative, indie rock hybrid and a true powerhouse, united in by a mutual conglomerate of influences and general desire to derive new material from a rock influence focused on distinctive riffs and pop-style choruses, rather than the more classical, chordal approach taken by the group with their first EP. Aigotti left the group in the spring 2016 in the pursuit of other interests, and Morelli assumed the role of bassist by mid-2016.

Today SWIM is busier than ever, with McCaffrey, Riviezzo and Morelli contributing equally to the song writing process and Aigotti and D’Angio continuing to provide the undeniable groove characteristic of the group’s sound.

With the release of their sophomore EP titled “Finally, Someone” in 2017, SWIM honed their sound in around classic rock influences. The record features five full-length songs and an intro track, and was recorded at Studio G in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, under the direction of producer Tony Maimone. The songs were completed with producer Nick Zinnanti of ZIN Records in Calverton, New York. This second installment was praised by fans and received well among new listeners. “Fall Into Me” identified itself as an early fan-favorite, with “Fever,” a bluesy nod to the group’s more rock-oriented influences, like The Black Keys, and the “Intro” also receiving acclaim. The record helped the group increase popularity, as they were voted one of the top 10 bands on Long Island by voters during Newsday’s Band Battle, finishing 6th overall in votes.

In 2018, SWIM released Heartbeat Connection, a single ready to be the song of the summer. With a telling story of the intangible connection of long-distance lovers, Heartbeat Connection shines with a hook that draws you in, and a chorus you will be singing all day. Heartbeat Connection was originally written while the band secluded themselves in a cabin in Maine on a music retreat to strictly write music for their next recorded album. The simple idea would grow over the coming months, to be recorded into the studio version which was released on April 27th, 2018. Heartbeat Connection gives the first taste of the bands updated sound, and songwriting style. The song has a special meaning for the band which often deals with their own long-distance struggles.

SWIM's second single, The Chase, was written by all members of the band, slowly coming together as they wrote each section of the song. The song speaks to uncertainty and doubt that one may feel in a relationship, while struggling to make it through. What started as a simple chord progression would be recorded and polished over the course of the year to become the version that is released today. The Chase was released on April 5th, 2019, it was self-produced, and mix and mastered at ZIN Records in Calverton, NY. 


Dan McCaffrey (vocals): One of the group’s founding members, McCaffrey got his start in music as a saxophone player in the school ensembles and marching band, and began as the drummer for a since disbanded group called Apollo, which featured Riviezzo. McCaffrey began singing seriously in his freshman year of high school, and began singing for SWIM at the band’s beginning in their first summer together. McCaffrey has graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in Health Science. Dan is SWIM’s primary lyricist, citing his biggest influences to be Harry Styles, The Lumineers, Squeeze, the Strokes, One Direction, the Kooks, Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, and Paul Simon.

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Nick Riviezzo (guitar): Guitarist Nick Riviezzo began playing with McCaffrey in early 2012, after taking an interest in guitar during his freshman year of high school. Although he began as, and remains, a saxophone player, Riviezzo took to the guitar quickly after it sparked his interest after years of listening to classic rock music and hours spent playing Guitar Hero. His tasteful solos and signature licks complement the  melodies produced by McCaffrey to modernize and sharpen the group’s sound. Nick graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in Computer Engineering. While attending, Nick was the saxophone section leader in the university’s marching and pep bands. He cites his biggest influences as being divided into two classes: those who established his childhood love for (and background in) classic rock, like Van Halen and Foreigner, and the modern artists who he prefers today, including Ed Sheeran, the Kooks, Gavin DeGraw, and Bleachers. Nick currently teaches guitar lessons, and manages SWIM including booking gigs, and marketing the group. 

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Brian D’Angio (drums): Brian D’Angio began playing the drums in elementary school, and rose to prominence playing in his school's  jazz and wind ensembles. Also previous member of the marching band, D’Angio’s extensive and well-rounded background give him the ability to set sharp, dynamic and undeniable beats beneath the melodic and rhythmic work of  Riviezzo and Morelli to ground SWIM’s sound. Brian is currently studying at James Madison University, working toward a business degree. D’Angio’s musical influences span from his love for jazz to varieties of pop and rock, like WALK THE MOON, One Direction,  the Kooks, and Vampire Weekend.               

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Pat Morelli (Keboards/bass guitar): Pat Morelli was the last member to join SWIM, filling the need for a multi-instrumentalist. Pat’s primary instrument is keys but he can also be found playing bass, guitar, and horns. Morelli’s influences include Dispatch, the Lumineers, and other alt-rock groups. Pat is currently studying Biology at Hamilton College in Clinton,NY where he is a linebacker on their Division III football team.  Pat has been on tour with Dispatch and State Radio front man Chadwick Stokes, and may be the most loving guy you’ll ever meet.